Gain The Red Edge: How We Choose To Remember

Gain The Red Edge: How We Choose To Remember

My dad would have turned 78 today. As I think about him, I choose to remember the overall impact he had on my life. There were both difficult moments and beautiful times. Each influenced who I am. Through it all, I’m grateful for his incredible love and example of hard work and never giving up.

I believe part of the gift of remembering someone who has passed away on special occasions, like their birthday, holidays, or the anniversary of their death, is choosing what we wish to remember.

We can choose to remember the hard and difficult moments, or the beautiful and pleasant times.

Better yet, we can #GainTheRedEdge by choosing to remember the overall impact they had on our life. That may include, for instance, how the difficult moments made us stronger, or how the beautiful times helped us experience joy.

Part of remembering may also include forgiveness, of the person and maybe also of ourselves.

I’ve had to do both over the last couple years as I’ve remembered my dad.

Choosing to remembering the overall impact of a loved one who had passed away will rejuvenate our soul, lighten emotional burdens, and help us better find and experience joy in our journey.

Thanks for letting me share.

CHALLENGE: Take a few minutes today to enjoy remembering a positive impact on your life. 

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