Last Night’s Gift that Gained the Red Edge

Last Night’s Gift that Gained the Red Edge

Last night’s gift was spending a little time in a neighbor’s backyard and garden in Hyde Park.

It was a gift of friendship, a gift of brotherhood, a gift of love.

It was a gift of being connected and sharing a moment. It was a gift of normal conversation that became much more than normal.

It was a gift of the soft and gentle sunset dropping over the horizon while enjoying the sweet aroma of flowering fruit trees.

Aly Affleck shared this quote from M. Russell Ballard which connected with what I was feeling:

“The supreme beauty of the natural world reminds us of the power and perfection of God. When we are in nature, feelings of hope, peace, and reverence come to us. In nature we can see the handiwork of the perfect Artist.” 

It was a gift that helped me Gain the Red Edge by creating a few moments of quiet connection.

What was your gift last night? What will be your gift to experience today?

CHALLENGE: Look for ways today to see and experience beautiful gifts.

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