My First Ever International Podcast

My First Ever International Podcast


Life is incredible!

I had the opportunity today to be a guest on my first-ever international podcast with Ricky Shetty of Digital Nomad Mastery

Ricky and his beautiful family travel the world, currently living in Manila, Philippines.

I was amazed that in this huge digital world I was found by someone who thought I had value for his audience

And why did Ricky reach out to me? Here’s what he told me.

“I was intrigued by how brands can get the edge through their story which is your expertise and specialty.”

How did he know helping story is my specialty?

Because I consistently share my story in a way that connects with others.

That’s the trick. Consistently sharing something of value in a clear and compelling way.

That’s how I Gain The Red Edge.

The same strategy will work for you.

The videocast will be up in a few days with the podcast to follow later on.

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