As The Sun Doth Set

As The Sun Doth Set

Tonight’s gift from Cache Valley…

By Les Patterson

Tonight’s fading sun
Framed by dying leaves
Echoes quietly
Peace for those who grieve.

As the sun doth set
Closing out each day
Though we bide for more
Night won’t hold at bay.

Same is true of life
An ending doth come
At some point for each
No matter where from.

Yet peace we can take
Assurance be true
The Son doth rise
For me and for you.

The morning will come
For those who doth sleep
Be it for the night
Or the rest most deep.

Embrace the beauty 
Of the fading light
Rejoice for the morn
Most gloriously bright.

Thanks for letting me share.


Thoughts of inspiration come in many forms, and may be expressed in many ways. The collection of stories, essays, and poetry shared under Red Edge Perspective represents some of my personal efforts to Gain The Red Edge through creative expression. Thanks for letting me share.

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