Let’s Play Makebelieve

Let’s Play Makebelieve

I have been a Cowboy and an Army Guy for Halloween. I’ve been a Deer Hunter and a Pirate. Last year I was Sonny to my daughter’s Cher. Today, I pulled out one of my favorites, Phantom of the Opera.

The list is huge when it comes to what character we’ll be for Halloween, and what story we’ll portray.

That’s what makes this holiday so fun.

Just like playing makebelieve when we were kids, Halloween gives us permission we create stories of fantasy and live out those fantasies, albeit in a very limited and myopic way.

We act outside of our normal comfort zone, sometimes under the guise of the anonymity a costume provides, other times under the freedom the holiday offers.

Life in many ways can sometimes feel just like Halloween.

It’s scary and spooky at times. We play makebelieve. We wish our life was better than it really is. We create characters and fantasies of what we wish our life was like.

Such are the stories we create.

Have fun with those stories and let them help you live a greater life and don’t get lost in the fantasy.

In the group picture are a few of my friends from The Cache Connection – BNI. Left to right: The Phantom Les Patterson, Pumpkin Sola Tiew Hough, The Rock (aka Boyd’s Sister) Justin Williams, Sunshine Krista Palo, and Grease Dude Nathan Peterson.


“The story you most consistently tell yourself will be the story to most consistently come true in your life.”

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