Our Perfectly Imperfect Crew

Our Perfectly Imperfect Crew

I am most grateful on this Thanksgiving Day for the perfectly imperfect crew I call family.

By Les Patterson

Giggles, grins, and goof offs
Sometimes even a scowl or two
They are who we call family
Our perfectly imperfect crew.

Pictures are never perfect
Nor are family meals
Sometimes we fight and argue
It’s all part of the deal.

We signed up before we were born
Getting what we knew not
But change we never would
Not even a teeny thought.

For with every squabble and fight
Be they really big or teensy small
We always find more love than not
By choosing to stand courageously tall.

We are a family
Full of flaws all around
We stick together always
Firmly standing family ground.

We giggle and we laugh
We struggle a little too
We are a family
A perfectly imperfect crew.

May this Thanksgiving bless you with a stronger connection with your own perfectly imperfect crew.


“The story you most consistently tell yourself will be the story to most consistently come true in your life.”

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