Lean Into The Storm

Lean Into The Storm

I recently had the opportunity to spend considerable time sitting at the feet of the Christus statue on Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah. As I contemplated the gift of raging storms and peaceful rainbows that fill our journey through life, I was filled with incredible hope, peace and comfort, knowing I can “Lean Into The Storm” with courage and strength because “The Master of ocean and earth and skies” is navigating the ship I steer.

By Les Patterson

Lean into the storm
E’en though it be fierce
For when you lean forth
God your heart will pierce.

Pierce He will with light
Gentle like a dove
Gifts of His Spirit
Peace, hope, courage, love.

Love what He offers
The strength He doth bring
Feel your changing heart
Feel the urge to sing.

Sing though you know not
How you wish to manifest
Your testimony of love
The Lord will accept.

Accept you can as well
That which is your best
Work through the challenge
It’s worthy the quest.

Quest forward in faith
Though the path unclear
Your steps He will guide
Your path He will steer.

Steer your heart forward
Gems of truth you’ll glean
Stronger your soul becomes
As forward you lean.

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