Sunday Reflections: Whose Child Am I?

Sunday Reflections: Whose Child Am I?

When Naomi Randall wrote “I Am A Child Of God” in the middle of the night in 1957, she had no idea the impact it would have on millions of people. Translated into more than 90 languages, millions of children around the world have sung it and discovered the eternal truth they are children of God.

That truth has created comfort and peace for Elisa and me.

For Elisa, it was simply knowing an eternally loving Father also watched over our five children as she sang the song as a bedtime lullaby. For me, the peace came during a long and lonely night in Iraq listening to the choppers bringing in the killed and wounded.

Such peace is not always easy to experience.

Sometimes the bedtimes were anything but peaceful. And the nights in Iraq, and throughout life, too often still felt long and lonely as peace elusively evaded my grasp. Yet, deep within we each know whose child we are.

If such truth you are still seeking, keep on seeking! The quest is worth the effort to discover whose child you are.

By Les Patterson

Is there a God
One who is a Father
Who art in Heaven?

Or is the Universe
The only Higher Power
I shall ever seek?

Here to live a life
Of what purpose
Still unknown

A child I am
this I know

But of whose

Such is my fervent quest
As I feel the longing
From a place called home

A place I lived
before this place
I now call home

Perhaps Heaven holds
the answers I seek
of whose child I am

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