Sunday Reflections: I Want To Be Like You Dad!

Sunday Reflections: I Want To Be Like You Dad!

It’s a wonderful blessing we have of being fathers. Even with all the challenges of raising kids, even with the self-doubts that may discourage our efforts, and even with those times we feel we may have failed, there is incredible joy to be discovered every day being a father.

I’m grateful today for the many fathers who figured a role in my life, particularly my own father.

Of all Dad’s example which permeates through my life, when times were the toughest one piece of counsel sticks the most firm.

“Keep your chin up, son.”

He rarely shared this encouragement. But when he did it was at a time when life was extra challenging. He helped me have the strength and courage to get back up and move forward.

What words of encouragement did your dad share with you?


A friend of mine recently reminded me of this wonderful song from Rodney Atkins. It connects well with what I feel as I dad and what I hope to pass on in a good way.

Have a wonderful Sunday, and Happy Father’s Day to all those dads in your life!


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