Sunday Reflections: To Truly Love One Another

Sunday Reflections: To Truly Love One Another

While sometimes it’s hard to love others, we know it is the light of love that opens the heart for healing, the healing of connected families and friendships, and the healing that comes through the Father because of the Son.

By Les Patterson

To love one where they sit
Where they stand
Or where they lie
To love one who is broken
Plump out of luck
Trying not to die

To love one in the dark
Surrounded by despair
Who cannot see the light
To love one simply lost
Confused on the path
Whose future is not so bright

To love a broken soul
Is to also love our own
To know we have traveled far
To love one such as this
Is to love as the Father
Who loves us as we are

We hope you have a beautiful Sunday!

We Love You!

Les & Elisa

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