Monday Morning Boost: “Better than the Best!”

Monday Morning Boost: “Better than the Best!”

The task must have been daunting.

It was summer of 1985 and Lionel Kendrick of North Carolina and his wife Myrtis were tasked with shepherding several hundred young men and young women who had volunteered for missionary labors.

The Kendrick’s were assigned to a geographical area called the Florida Tampa Mission covering most of central and southwest Florida.

You’re not just good…

In December of that year I was assigned to the Florida Tampa Mission.

I felt as lost as a range-riding cowboy without his horse when I traded in my boots and jeans for a white shirt and tie, a ten-speed bicycle becoming my trusted steed.

Though a greenhorn, I came with a desire to work and to learn, and President Kendrick began to mold me into something more than I saw in myself. Under his tutelage, I strived to be more than “just good.”

You’re not just great…

President Kendrick knew when to hold my hand, chastise my disobedience, strengthen my lack of faith, and commend my feeble efforts. Admittedly, some progress was made, and over the two year assignment I strived to be more than “just great.”

You’re not even just the best…

President Kendrick’s religious service took him around the world for many years, but he always returned each spring for our mission reunion. His tutoring continued as he shared stories of faith and hope from his journeys. I was always inspired and over the past two decades I strived to be more than “just the best.”

You truly are better than the best!

This past Friday night a few of us gathered to celebrate President Kendrick’s 80th birthday, which is today. With his trademark bear hug, he greeted me as he has every time: “How’s my Elder Cowboy?”

Most people live by the stroke of time. Time is what we know; it is our great equalizer.

Few discover how to truly live with charity, exhibiting true compassion for others through their use of time.

President Kendrick lived as such to bring the two together, time and charity, making them as one. He loved as such that I became a son and he became a father.

I continue to strive today to put his counsel altogether.

You’re not just good,
You’re not just great,
You’re not even just the best.
You truly are better than the best!

Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share.


p.s. Take 13 minutes today to reflect on one who encouraged you to be “Better than the best.”

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