8 1/2 ways to help your nonprofit Gain the Red Edge!

8 1/2 ways to help your nonprofit Gain the Red Edge!

Running a nonprofit, no matter the cause, is an incredibly difficult and challenging adventure. Here are 8 1/2 ideas to help your nonprofit Gain the Red Edge!

1. Clearly identify your primary mission, focus, and direction.

2. Establish your board of directors, if you haven’t already, who have specific expertise in various areas such as legal, accounting, marketing, mental health, etc. Direct them to hold you accountable to your primary mission.

3. Run your nonprofit like a business. Set goals, work towards objectives, have established procedures and schedules.

4. Treat volunteers as if they’re employees by creating scheduled time periods, expectations, accountability, and an appropriate reward system such a social recognition among their peer group for their efforts.

5. Ask for the money with concise and systematic request efforts.

6. Be passionately vocal and enthusiastic about your cause but don’t ever try to make someone feel guilty for not sharing your passion.

7. Keep a healthy balance between your personal, professional, and non-profit roles. While your cause may truly change the world, make sure you’re

8. Keep on going, especially when it gets tough.

8 1/2. Have fun!

Clarifying your marketing story will create familiarity and an automatic level of trust for your nonprofit. A clear marketing story will help with raising funds, creating energy and excitement for your cause, and open the door for better understanding.

If you would like help Gaining the Red Edge for your nonprofit, drop me a note!

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