Monday Morning Boost: “She brings out the best in you”

Monday Morning Boost: “She brings out the best in you”

Our daughter Rebecca was four years old when we moved to Hyde Park on May 20, 2000. As we got to know the neighbors over the next couple of weeks, we were surprised to find many of them already knew who we were.

“You must be Rebecca’s parents!”

It seemed our little miss Becca had already made her way around the neighborhood, knocking on everyone’s door, asking the same question.

“Do you have a four year old I can play with?”

In one of those houses lived Andrew and Kim Daines. They had three kids: Tanner – 7, Adelaide – 4 and Emily – 2. Little Joseph would come along the following year.

Rebecca found her four year old friend could play with in Addie Daines. In the process she found Emily for Leslie, Tanner for Brenin, and connected Elisa and me with Andrew and Kim who would become our best friends.


It didn’t take long before the four girls – Rebecca, Addie, Leslie and Emily – were inseparable. If you saw one, you saw four.

They were always together.

I took to calling the foursome the Gumdrop Girls. I’m not sure where I came up with the nickname but it stuck.

The Gumdrop Girls even celebrated their first ten years of friendship by putting together a photo book.

Rebecca’s a cute girl, don’t you think!

The Gumdrop Girls have stuck together through all the ups and downs and drama of being teenage girls.

Even the advent of boyfriends to their relationship didn’t pull the Gumdrop Girls apart.

Now a new chapter in the journey of the Gumdrop Girls has opened up with Rebecca being the first to get married. She married Taylor Call last Saturday in the Manti LDS Temple.


Remember Becca, as you go through life…

Your big brothers will always be there to pick you up…


Your little sister will always enjoy a hug…

As will you.

Big brothers love to make you laugh…

Everyone one of them.

And so does little sister…

A lot.

Life doesn’t get much better than cuddling with a kitty cat…

Or cuddling with a cuddly bunny.

When people get too crazy, you can always say, “Wait one minute…”

Or enjoy being crazy too.

Hang on to those you love…

And hug them tight.

They really are pretty cool…

Most of the time.

When life wears you out, take a break and play a game…

Or recuperate with a nap.

There will always be lots of reasons to let your smile shine brightly…

Even if you have to pray really hard…

Or use a little bit of magic.

It’s alright to lick the beaters…

Or just enjoy an evening sunset.

Enjoy going out with friends…

Rocking in a chair…


And hanging out and laughing just because.

You have the best of friends…

Who make you laugh…

Help you create a little magic…

Do crazy things with…

And expand your adventures.

Now you have a new very best friend…

To enjoy going through life with…

Doing things together…

For time and all eternity.

Remember when Taylor asked his brother Daniel if you could be the one…

His answer was, “You bring out the best in him.”

I agree.


Butterfly Kisses” has been mine and Rebecca’s song since she was a little girl. We used to read the story all the time when she was a little, and sometimes even dance to it. As Rebecca grew older the reading and the dancing became less frequent. But she always said we could dance to it again on her wedding day.

Oh, with all that I’ve done wrong, I must have done something right. To deserve a hug every morning, And butterfly kisses at night.

It will be a moment I’ll forever cherish in my heart.

I love you sweetheart. You bring out the best in me.


p.s. Take 13 minutes today to enjoy and embrace those who bring out the best in you.

*Engagement, bridals, and select wedding photos courtesy of the wonderful Jessica Ajeman.

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3 thoughts on “Monday Morning Boost: “She brings out the best in you”

  1. Beautiful! The Daines family is amazing, you were so lucky to have had them as neighbors. I wish we could be that lucky. Was the make-up done by Emily? Looks professional. Thank you for sharing.

  2. It’s a great blessing to have wonderful neighbors like the Daines. They really are an amazing family and we are so grateful to have such close friendship so long after they moved.

    I love the opportunity to discover great neighbors wherever we have lived. They are always there.

    Emily did a beautiful job on Becca’s makeup. She’s a great MUA, and a beautiful Gumdrop Girl!

  3. Les, I really enjoyed reading this post, and getting to know your family over the past couple of weeks for the wedding. I can better understand now what my son Taylor saw in Rebecca, and where the attributes we saw as we got to know her better may have come from.
    I like the Call family vibe, culture, whatever you want to call it, and the 1/2 Utah Pioneer, 1/2 Italian immigrant story we have, and how it manifests. But I have seen some things from watching you and your family over the past two weeks, and reading this and some of your other posts, that I have learned from, and would like to emulate more.
    As you saw, I too have a lovely daughter; right now Amanda is only 15. But as I learned last weekend, the day will come, probably sooner than I am ready, when I will be dancing “the last dance” with her, as you just did. From one father to another, thank you for showing how it’s done.

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