How a mentor can help you Gain the Red Edge

How a mentor can help you Gain the Red Edge

Listening to a mentor is one way to Gain the Red Edge.

That’s the lesson Chris Yancey shared with me last night as we visited him at Summerfest. Chris is phenomenal sculptor creating relief and 3D works of art that touch my soul. His relief of the Star of Bethlehem is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Another relief had me feeling as if Abraham Lincoln was standing close by.

I first met Chris a few years ago when he was involved in an event I helped put on. We struck up a friendship and enjoy visiting whenever we run into each other.

At that event Chris had the opportunity to meet Scott Rogers, a master sculptor from Paradise here in Cache Valley. Scott has since become a mentor to Chris, teaching some of the finer points of anatomy helping Chris rise to another level of artistry.

Who are the mentors we have available to us? Do we open our hearts and minds to their subtle thoughts and suggestions that will help us rise to another level in our personal artistry? Learning to do so will help us Gain the Red Edge and achieve dreams we once thought out of reach.

Stop by Summerfest today and visit Chris and the other many artists who will truly be an inspiration. A couple other favorites are are Sandra Nye Todd Photography and Larry Winborg and Jeremy Winborg of Winborg Masterpieces.

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