Monday Morning Boost: Activating the Law of Rejuvenation

Monday Morning Boost: Activating the Law of Rejuvenation

Education and training is one way to help you Gain the Red Edge for your passion.

I took some of my own advice to heart by attending a three-day course focused on improving my speaking and presenting skills. “Present Yourself” was put on by Kirk Duncan and 3 Key Elements.

I enjoy speaking and giving presentations and I’m excited to take advantage of new opportunities to speak to businesses, groups and organizations.

Attending training like this can help you Gain the Red Edge because of the Law of Rejuvenation.


The Law of Rejuvenation is the concept of doing things out of the norm to rejuvenate our minds and our bodies. Daily things like sleep, exercise, meditation, and eating are all forms of activating the Law of Rejuvenation in our life.

On a broader scale, vacations, retreats, training, conferences, etc. are also ways we can activate the Law of Rejuvenation.

The key is deliberate activation.

We can meditate simply for relaxation, for instance. Or we can meditate purposely with a question in our heart, a thought to ponder, or gratitude to express.

Meditation for relaxation is a beautiful principle that will bring us benefit beyond the time spent. Meditation with purpose magnifies the time spent beyond our comprehension, activating the Law of Rejuvenation on a subconscious level.

The same applies on the broader scale.

We can attend a training or conference and simply bide our time till it’s over. While this may be a break from the routine, it’s really a waste of the time and money invested on your behalf.

Mentally investing yourself by having an objective for why you’re attending the course and a plan to gain one or two tools you can execute in the upcoming days will activate the Law of Rejuvenation on a subconscious level.

I invite you activate the Law of Rejuvenation by taking steps to purposely improve daily and broader scale rejuvenating activities.

Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share.


p.s. Take 13 minutes today to discover the clarity that will come to your passion by purposely meditating or going for a silent walk.

Thanks to Tom van Hoogstraten for the beautiful photo.

Tom van Hoogstraten

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