Gaining the Red Edge of the Eclipse

Gaining the Red Edge of the Eclipse

I love the many great photos of the Monday’s solar eclipse. But after awhile they all tend to blur together. Even the really, really good ones!

I appreciate the skill, talent and time of those who find a way to present this incredible event in a creative and fresh light. Or, in this case, a creative and fresh darkness!

Greg Westbrook’s presentation does this. He shows all the phases of the eclipse in one shot, as many have done. But then he takes it to a higher level by showing the phases circling a capture of the dramatic moment of totality.

“Experiencing a total eclipse from the Wind River Range near Dubois, Wyoming was nothing less than phenomenal!” Greg told me. “I was just looking for an interesting design. Turns out [an eclipse] is nothing more than a cycle winding up with a full sun. It ended up being an eclipse ellipse.”

An “eclipse ellipse.”

This is what I call “Gaining the Red Edge.”

We’re surrounded by normal. It’s everywhere.

In today’s ultra-social world, where we can see everything in an instant, even great too often seems normal.

If you want to be “Better than the Best,” as a great leader of my youth still consistently teaches me, it takes better than the best effort.

“I have witnessed a couple of partial eclipses in the past,” Greg continued.” This was my first total eclipse. I can now say without a doubt, when it comes to eclipses, only 100% will do!”

Greg wanted a 100% eclipse experience. And he got it. Then he delivered more than a 100% result.

Taking what you do to the next level is how you Gain the Red Edge.

Greg Westbrook has done it.

Go Gain the Red Edge!

For you photo enthusiasts, Greg shares the details of how he created the shot on his Facebook page.

Greg Westbrook is a¬†Software Engineering Manager at Ivanti, a former First Sergeant in the Utah Army National Guard, and a skilled photographer with a passion for capturing wildlife. I’m proud to call him a friend and military brother.

Welcome to Gain The Red Edge, a new series highlighting best practices to inspire ideas, open up doors and windows of creativity, and help you find clarity and focus for your personal and professional passions. Thanks for letting me share!

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