Sirens Fatal Song

Sirens Fatal Song

Siren’s Fatal Song

Societal walls
Like prison feel
Shackled tight
Against my will.

Mountain tops
Prairies wild
Explore I must
My inner child.

Bolting forth
Wings now free
Nothing bars
What I can be.

Rivers carry
I need not oars
My soul is light
Freedom soars.

Faster, stronger
To the ledge
My body flies
Past the edge.

I leap to escape
My freedom to find
Universal laws
Will not bind.

Soaring high
Flying free
Nothing stopping
What I shall be.

Quiet whispers
Deep inside
Questions start
Have I lied?

Light as air
I no longer am
Gravity pulls
Laws be damned!

Downward bound
In a swirl
I now go
My body hurls.

Focus sharp
Mind now clear
Heart opens up
For I must hear.

What beckoned me
To know I long
The gift of freedom
Or sirens fatal song?

Les Patterson
September 2, 2017

Photo by Lloyd Dirks on Unsplash

Inspired by my inspiring Swedish muse. 

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