Siren’s Fatal Song

Siren’s Fatal Song


Societal walls
Like prison feel
Shackled tight
Against my will.

Mountain tops
Prairies wild
Explore I must
My inner child.

Bolting forth
Wings now free
Nothing bars
What I can be.

Rivers carry
I need not oars
My soul is light
Freedom soars.

Faster, stronger
To the ledge
My body flies
Past the edge.

I leap to escape
My freedom to find
Universal laws
Will not bind.

Soaring high
Flying free
Nothing stopping
What I shall be.

Quiet whispers
Deep inside
Questions start
Have I lied?

Light as air
I no longer am
Gravity pulls
Laws be damned!

Downward bound
In a swirl
I now go
My body hurls.

Focus sharp
Mind now clear
Heart opens up
For I must hear.

What beckoned me
To know I long
The gift of freedom
Or sirens fatal song?

Les Patterson
September 2, 2017

Photo by Lloyd Dirks on Unsplash

Inspired by an inspiring Swedish muse. 

Thoughts of inspiration come in many forms, and may be expressed in many ways. The collection of stories, essays, and poetry shared under Red Edge Perspective represents some of my personal efforts to Gain The Red Edge through creative expression. Thanks for letting me share.

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