Monday Morning Boost: The Labor of Rescuing

Monday Morning Boost: The Labor of Rescuing

The primary mission of the National Guard is to provide aid at home “in time of domestic emergencies or need.” It’s easy to overlook this mission with all the combat deployments over since 2001.

Blackhawk helicopter rescue crews from the Utah Army National Guard are already in Texas helping out. More Utah soldiers will most likely be called up to help as well.

When National Guard or Reserve Component military personnel are called to duty, they often have very little notice. When natural disasters strike, they know they may be called up at a moment’s notice.

Such a call doesn’t ever come at a convenient time. They leave behind family and set aside their civilian career.

Yet they willingly go.

When they signed up to serve our country, they agreed to set aside their personal needs for the greater cause. No matter when, where, or how long.

As we remember and pray for those suffering in Houston, let us also remember and pray for all those who labor to rescue, the many volunteers, public safety personnel, and our National Guard soldiers. Let us also remember and pray for their families.

Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share.


p.s. Take 13 minutes today to reflect on those who need rescuing and those who Labor to Rescue.

Photo courtesy Utah National Guard

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