Dave Ramsey’s Help Gaining the Red Edge

Dave Ramsey’s Help Gaining the Red Edge

Dave Ramsey does one thing really well.

Help people create financial peace. In our personal lives. And in our business lives.

Dave has created Entreleadership to help business owners:

  • Build stronger teams
  • Find Better People
  • Get Bigger Profits

My Discovery Destination is hosting a free live streaming of Dave’s Entreleadership event this Friday.

Dave’s Entreleadership has been one of the best business books I’ve read. I trust you’ll find the principles helpful as well.

Take advantage of this free training opportunity to learn from Dave.

Be prepared to make changes.

Click the link below to register:


And get ready to Gain the Red Edge!


CHALLENGE: How will use this moment to Gain the Red Edge?

Welcome to Gain The Red Edge, an exciting series highlighting best practices to inspire ideas, open up doors of opportunity and windows of creativity, and help you find clarity and focus for your personal and professional passions.



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