Monday Morning Boost: Chasing Our Pot of Gold

Monday Morning Boost: Chasing Our Pot of Gold

The pot of gold lies not at the end of the rainbow, but in the journey of discovering the beauty the storm creates.

That’s where we start to Gain the Red Edge.

We can put all our efforts into dreaming and fantasizing of the mythical.

What will that do for us?


Or we can create the future.

We put every ounce of our effort into creating a vision leading to a change in our thinking. We become inspired to get up and take actionable steps towards our dream.

We get back up when we trip over our own weaknesses. We jump up with enthusiasm when life knocks us down.

We maneuver around the challenging boulders in our path. We climb over obstacles.

We destroy mental paradigms limiting our potential.

We accept the outstretched hand of support. We allow our fledgling faith to be buoyed by others.

We accept the past, believe in the future, work in the present.

That’s how we Gain the Red Edge.

We get back up and win the race.

Such was the vision and inspiration that came to me Sunday morning as I sat on the shoreline of American Lake in the middle of Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington.

We were there visiting baby Savannah, our first grandchild, daughter of our oldest son Cody and his wife Erica.

The drizzling rain filtering through the conifers and aspens blocked out the noise of distracting thoughts.

My awareness seemed heightened.

My focus sharper.

My heart more open.

Heaven a little bit closer.

Good things are going to happen.

Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share.


p.s. Take 13 minutes today to focus on creating your future. 

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