“Gosh darn it! Call Josh Barnett!”

“Gosh darn it! Call Josh Barnett!”


“Gosh darn it! Call Josh Barnett!”

If you lived in Cache Valley for any amount of time you probably recognize this. It’s one of the strongest brand marketing phrases in northern Utah.

And it’s worked really well helping Josh Barnett grow one of the strongest insurance businesses in the state.

His marketing storytelling is part of his overall sales operation, a very crucial part, that’s helped him to grow several successful businesses.

If you want to grow your business by being better in sales, join me Friday morning… that’s tomorrow… for a free webinar and get a little personal insight into the Josh Barnett sales process.

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Josh has been a mentor of mine and it’s been a privilege to offer some thoughts to him now and then. Together, we’ve been able to help each other #GainTheRedEdge.

Are you ready to do the same?

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Just 15 minutes of exploring without limitations.

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Welcome to Gain The Red Edge, an exciting series highlighting best practices to inspire ideas, open up doors of opportunity and windows of creativity, and help you find clarity and focus for your personal and professional passions.

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