Gain The Red Edge: Understanding Taxes

Gain The Red Edge: Understanding Taxes

Understanding how to best navigate the challenging world of finances and taxes is critical to Gaining The Red Edge in business.

Our solution at Red Edge Marketing has been professional guidance from Terri Stapley and Connie Roberts at Stapley Accounting.

We brought Terri and Connie on board from the start and they have been really good to answer our questions and help us navigate the complex world of business finances.

Terri and Connie bring the needed skill level and knowledge base to help us understand what our numbers mean, a key factor we rely on as a small businesses owners and entrepreneurs. Most importantly, they know how to communicate effectively with us by translating the complex into easier to understand.

A good accountant will help you Gain The Red Edge with a sound understanding of your business and personal finances, an effective tax strategy, and a plan for managed growth.

I can also recommend three other accountants I know very well and know the type and quality of service they provide. Jared Ripplinger at Cook Martin Poulson, Tyler Alleman at Jones Simkins, and Jake Bassett at JB Accounting & Tax.

Any of these accountants will be an effective solution if you’re looking for better guidance and understanding on your business finances and taxes.

CHALLENGE: Take time to briefly take a look at your finances and make a plan for a more in-depth analysis.

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