Monday Morning Boost: Does the World Need Another Writer?

Monday Morning Boost: Does the World Need Another Writer?

The world does not need another writer.

That’s exactly what I thought when I started writing the “Monday Morning Boost” 8 years ago. I’m having the same thought now as I’m starting to write a book.

The crazy thing is, I am right!

The world does not need another blog, nor does the world need another book.

So why do I keep writing?

Maybe, like Roald Dahl suggests, I’m foolish, chasing after the compensation of “absolute freedom” with no master but my “own soul.”


But I believe the answer is much simpler.

I’m not writing for the world.


I write for two reasons, to create and connect. And for two people, me and you.

The process of creating, writing, and editing helps develop clarity of thought resulting in better focus and direction.

Giving voice to these creative thoughts by sharing them helps me better engage with the two people I hope to connect with… myself and one other person.

I always connect with myself through writing because writing helps me better remember thoughts, feelings, and events. It’s the journaling concept I suppose.

When I share my thoughts I hope I also connect with one other person. Today, that person may be you. Tomorrow, it may be someone else.

“That is why I write – to try to turn sadness into longing, solitude into remembrance.”
– Paulo Coelho

When we share something that helps one person better connect with themselves, it just might help them better connect with another person as well.

When that happens, the Butterfly Effect goes to work. The connections continue and so does our influence.

In that case, maybe we really are trying to change the world.

So take action and find your way to create! The world really does need your voice.

Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share.


p.s. Take 13 minutes today to expand how you create and connect.

Feature Photo By: Aaron Burden

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2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Boost: Does the World Need Another Writer?

  1. Great words Les. … And that’s why you write. As you said, “The process of creating, writing, and editing helps develop clarity of thought resulting in better focus and direction.”

    Yes. … Creating: If we are supposed to feel good about ourselves and what we choose to do, how to create just needs to be learned. Writing: Is expression of thought and reason, so communication, often of purpose, can happen. Editing. Better focus and direction as you say, so part of developing and becoming better. … Part of Gaining The Red Edge as you say. That’s why you write.

    1. A compliment from one who knows well what you are trying to accomplish rings genuinely authentic. To receive such a compliment from you, a writer who impactfully strings words together in such manner as to fill the downtrodden with hope, is perhaps one of the highest compliments this writer has ever received. To then share my words with those who value yours, is an honor. I trust a simple “thank you,” arrayed in glory few multiple words fail to achieve, conveys what I sincerely feel.

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