Red Edge Perspective: Community Law Enforcement

Red Edge Perspective: Community Law Enforcement

What a great community we live in!

North Logan and Hyde Park are striving to understand the best way to provide law enforcement to our communities.

It’s a contested issue with strong opinions.

I don’t know the best answer. Nor at this point do I have an opinion.

I’ve listened to passionate voices on each side. Some are well informed. Others are simply regurgitating information, be it accurate or inaccurate.

Look at this crowd tonight at the community meeting.


We care enough to express our voice. We have a government designed to listen and represent.

Is it perfect?


Well the best decision be made.

Maybe. Maybe not.

Let’s hope we work together in civility and respect.

I believe we can.

Thanks for letting me share.

I welcome your thoughts if you wish to share.


Thoughts of inspiration come in many forms, and may be expressed in many ways. The collection of stories, essays, and poetry shared under Red Edge Perspective represents some of my personal efforts to Gain The Red Edge through creative expression. Thanks for letting me share.

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