Focus on the Core to Gain the Red Edge

Focus on the Core to Gain the Red Edge

Focusing on the core of your physical body improves and strengthens your entire body.

That’s what my friend Chari Hawkins is teaching today.

Chari is a world-class heptathlete, former USU Aggie, and currently a grad student at the University of Bath in England.

For the next two weeks, Chari is putting “extra focus” on core work. “It’s amazing,” she writes, “what the little things do and how it helps.”

Check out Chari making the tough look easy. Crank the volume and enjoy!

Then keep on reading.

The same is true in everything else.

Focusing on the core of your life improves and strengthens your entire life. Focusing on the core of your business improves and strengthens your entire business.

“Every day counts,” Chari reminds us.

Then she asks, “What are you doing today to make yourself better???”

Today I’m focusing on the core of my brand story in preparation for a conference I will be speaking at on Saturday, the Female Entrepreneur Awaken.

It’s a vibrant group of female entrepreneurs, passionate about building their business and changing the world one person and one moment at a time.

I’ll be part of their expert panel sharing the core message of the five-step “Gain the Red Edge” brand story process.

  1. Know your customer’s story
  2. Know your brand story
  3. Know why your story matters
  4. Create persuasive ways to say your story
  5. Develop strategic ways to share your story

That’s what I’m doing today to Gain the Red Edge.

What are you doing?

Leave your thoughts. And if this connects with you, please share.

Thanks my friends!


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