Separating Families is Bad Policy, Wrong, and Cruel

Separating Families is Bad Policy, Wrong, and Cruel

Separating families is bad policy, plainly wrong, and cruel. On the surface, it could seem “staying away” from the wall is the answer. Unfortunately, or perhaps, fortunately, it’s much more complicated than simply staying away from the wall.

If I was a dad living in Mexico, and faced with a severely corrupt government, extreme poverty, violence on the street, sickness and disease, and no future, I would do everything I could to find something better. I would even walk across the desert with little kids to find something better.

Of course, that’s a hypothetical response. I live a wonderful life in America. I have a wonderful future for the creating. And so do my kids. And so does nearly every person living in America. Sure, there are challenges we face and life has been extra tough at times. There are people in America dealing with severe challenges I can’t comprehend. Yet, even with all our challenges, life is incredibly good.

Let us have compassion for those looking for something better than the horrible circumstances many live in.

I echo these thoughts shared by Jeff Benedict and commend them for your reading.

Thanks for letting me share.


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