Monday Morning Boost: To Toil and Labor… And Paint!

Monday Morning Boost: To Toil and Labor… And Paint!

How are you using your Labor Day weekend???


Whichever your focus, make sure you focus time on rejuvenation. Each of these activities can provide rejuvenation if you allow it to happen.

Rejuvenation will help increase your focus, the first core principle you need to Gain The Red Edge.

My weekend?

The photos are a dead giveaway.

We’re painting my home office.

Blue is what it looks like now.

Blue walls.
Blue doors.
Blue ceiling.

At one point it was Brenin’s room and the blue was a tribute to USU Aggie Blue.

Elisa took charge on Saturday and cleaned out the office and washed all the walls while I finished up the monthly newsletter I head up for our church congregation every month.

The newsletter is a big project, one I really love doing. I get to write, design, edit, and tell stories. Life doesn’t get much better!

Then I got to workin’
A workin’ on the room
Patchin’ up the pin holes
Dreadin’ the paintin’ gloom.

But alas we’ll conquer 
Determined to get done
Finish up our project 
The Red Edge to be won!

By the end of today we hope to have the walls, doors, and trim primed and the first coat of paint shining bright!

Our new colors, thanks to the help of Crystal, who I connected with in Chicago, and Greg and Ben Jenkins of Bennett’s Paint here in Cache Valley…

Coventry Gray, Decorators White, and Caliente Red, the Benjamin Moore… drum roll please color of the year!

Who knew Benjamin Moore was so hip on Gaining the Red Edge!

Caliente Red is now the “official Red” of Red Edge Marketing, Red Edge Mentoring, and Gain the Red Edge.

Maybe it’s time to create the official Red Edge brand guide and figure out to create Caliente Red in CMYK!

While I’m definitely a better storyteller than a painter, I’m excited for what the office will look like.

Wish us luck!

I leave you with a little gem, a tribute to origins of Labor Day.

By Les Patterson

Toil and labor
A strong soul makes
If the process
We don’t forsake.

Getting back up
A gift of work
If the effort
We do not shirk.

Through sweat and tears
Strength will be built
Even though some mock
We feel no guilt.

Rise now today
Tomorrow too
Stand up again
See our day through.

Others we help
In our hard quest
A simple hand up
We give our best.

Stronger they be
Greater they live
Kindness and love
The gifts we give.

Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share.


p.s. Take 13 minutes today to focus on finding rejuvenation.

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