Monday Morning Boost: Quotable Words, Memorable Stories

Monday Morning Boost: Quotable Words, Memorable Stories

Are your words quotable???

As leaders, which we each are, we find inspiration from the words of those we respect. We often share that inspiration.

Christian author Joyce Meyer understands the power of the words we speak and share.

“Words are containers for power,” she teaches. “You choose what kind of power they carry.”

I had the honor a few weeks back of my words being quoted by a business leader Melissa Summers. She even created a visual graphic, featuring my words, such as I have with the words of Joyce Meyer.

Consider these thoughts as you choose the words you share.

Are they impactful?
Do they communicate value?
Do they create focus and clarity?


Are your words quotable?


Your words don’t have to be quotable to be valuable.

In fact, the most valuable words of all time will never be quoted and will never be published.

Words like…

I care.
I love you.
I understand.

These words, and every corresponding conversations, may never be quoted but they will make the most significant impact of all words ever said.

These are the words which will bless those you care for the most, your family.

These are the words, some of which will be remembered for a lifetime. Many of them will be felt forever.

Use your words to share stories that change their world.

Not make-believe stories of fairy tales, knights, and wizards, though like Aesop’s Fables of old, they have their place.

Tell stories of your life, of growing up, of getting through hard times. Regale them with tales of your first date, first kiss, your first love.

Share how you felt when your heart was broken, you were fired from a job, or teased or bullied by someone you thought was a friend.

Then tell the story of how you got back up and push through the pain of rejection.

Tell them about your first car, high school dances, and that big fish that got away.

Share stories of your parents, their parents, and the way your brother always drove you crazy but always had your back.

Teach them what you believe, why your faith, values, and morals are important to you, and why sometimes you struggle to believe always believe.

Stories are better than quotes.

Share the stories that matter.

Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share.


p.s. Take 13 minutes today to reach out and share part of your story with someone who matters the most.

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