What Do We Truly See?

What Do We Truly See?

What is it we truly see
When we look upon others
When we look upon ourselves?

By Les Patterson

Be it the selfie
Shining light on the moment
Or a lifetime of moments
Shining light on the true self.

From each we choose
What we wish to see
And that which we see
Is what we truly choose.

Though others may observe
Something not really there
That which is really there
Is what you will truly observe.

Gratefully there is One
Who the whole soul doth see 
For the whole soul He doth see
For He truly is the One.

May we also learn to see
With such love and grace
For that love and grace
Is how we learn to truly see.


The story you most consistently tell yourself will be the story to most consistently come true in your life.

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