POEM – Connecting Vines

POEM – Connecting Vines

Cody & Erica –

I am truly grateful for the beautiful love you are creating in your family. I love watching you raise beautiful Savannah.

Life is full of a mixture of moments. How we move through these moments, and the way we help our children move through them, will become a connecting vine no matter if the moments be calm or chaotic. Such thoughts and your love have inspired this little gem. I love you both. Dad

By Les Patterson

The simplest of moments
Become those that bind
An afternoon in the park
An eternal connecting vine.

Simple yet important
These little times will be
Nurturing beyond words
Helping us each to see.

That moment in the future
When our child of today turns
Growing through life’s seasons
Into one for which we yearn.

These moments do not let pass
Spend the time now you must
So together you may create
A love you’ll always trust.

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