Monday Morning Boost: Spring Break Rejuvenation

Monday Morning Boost: Spring Break Rejuvenation

It’s Spring Break here in Cache Valley. Flocks of people tired of the cold (we had snow last week) are flying the coop headed for the warmer turfs of St. George, Vegas, Disneyland, and Hawaii.

Of course, there are plenty of us sticking with the herd content to graze upon whatever Mother Nature dishes out.


Are you traveling by car, plane, or maybe train or boat? Are you enjoying a staycation at home? Or, are you like me and unaffected by the public school schedules and sticking around home doing pretty much the norm?

Whatever your plans, spring break is a good reminder and a good time to actively focus on mental and physical rejuvenation.

Try out these Power Of Three suggestions to create a higher level of rejuvenation.


If your normal routine is more sedentary, use this time to move a little more. Play frisbee, a game of catch, throw a football, or get an impromptu game of soccer going (that’s football for my outside of America friends!)

Don’t overlook the huge benefits of the simplest physical activities like walking, jogging, and hiking. If you still have snow close by like we do, try snowshoeing or cross country skiing!

Eat somewhat well. Healthy eating habits tend to go by the wayside while traveling. While fast food and rich meals are part of the experience, balance out with plenty of veggies and fruits.

Drink plenty of H2O. This is especially important if you’ll be spending more time in the sun and in physical exertion. Also, pay attention to the signs of dehydration. Lastly, if you choose to imbibe, don’t imbibe too much and don’t imbibe while your driving.


Screen time is the norm for life. Collectively, we spend 10+ hours a day in front of a screen. Spring Break is the perfect time to reduce those hours by deliberately creating times to turn off, tune in, and reconnect.

One simple way to start is to stop — stop automatically reaching for your phone every time you don’t have something to do.

Start with your drive time. Instead of everyone being on an electronic device, try making conversation, share a story, or play a game. Wheels on the Bus anyone???

Please, don’t automatically reject this idea by thinking it’s impossible to actually have a fun (ie. peaceful) road trip without every kid being plugged in. Check out these ideas from Tonya Prater for electronic free road trips.


Stimulating the old noggin is a great way to create rejuvenation while on Spring Break.

Read an actual book, catch up on your journal, write a letter, thank you cards, or a maybe even a love note. Try playing a game, touring a museum, or studying the stars.

I remember spending road trip hours as a kid reading Hardy Boys and diligently working through word search books.

You can help create brainiac time for children by involving them in planning out the trip, navigating the route, and documenting the journey.


Doing something different, something out of the norm, is a great way to create moments of rejuvenation. Look for these out of the norm moments while enjoying a rejuvenating Spring Break, no matter what your plans are.

Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share.


p.s. Take 13 minutes today to consciously be more aware of how you create moments of rejuvenation. 

Feature Photo by Paula May on Unsplash

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