Monday Morning Boost: The 11 Men of Lava Hot Springs

Monday Morning Boost: The 11 Men of Lava Hot Springs

The names of the 11 men were unknown to me. But the asterisk next to their names told me all I needed to know.

*Killed In Action

Elisa and I were spending the remainder of the weekend in Lava Hot Springs in Idaho after speaking Saturday morning at a singles retreat* at Steadman’s Ranch just a hop, skip and jump down the highway (find the asterisk further on for more details).

We enjoyed spending time together Saturday night recuperating in the therapeutic natural hot springs. Sunday afternoon we wandered into the South Bannock County Historical Center & Museum where we were hosted by curator Connor Renn.

A young man with a passion for sharing history, Connor welcomed us while also apologizing the military section was temporarily closed. But when he saw the Operation Iraqi Freedom cap I was wearing, he asked if I was a veteran and immediately offered to let us into the section undergoing organizing efforts. He even spent a few minutes explaining some of the featured items and who donated them.

This stamp on this framed envelope caught my attention.


It was addressed to Ralf R. Mabey from a Leona Aslett. Services was “suspended” because Ralf died as POW as a result of the infamous Bataan Death March.

Ralf R. Mabey is one of the 11.

So is June M. Avery.

This is the telegram his mother received nine months after he was killed in action. Can you imagine the anguish she must have been going through?

All 11 names are inscribed in this granite memorial at the veterans plaza. I shared a brief snippet of two of the men. I don’t know anything about the other men, though there is a book in the museum with brief bios about each.

Here’s what I do know.

I know their names. I know that 11 men from such a small community like Lava Hot Springs has to be an astronomically high number. The engraving on the monument bears witness to that tragically high price:

“This small Idaho village of Lava Hot Springs suffered exceptionally high loss of its young men.”

I know their names. And now you will too.

June Avery
Edwin Bell
Keith Campbell
Tez Campbell
Manuel Couros
Morris Currence
Clark Holmes
Ralph Mabey
Howard Miles
Edward Ogawa
Delos Walker

May we never forget that tragically high price.


I was honored to be invited by Andrew Briton to speak at the Meet Me At The Shack singles retreat. This event was focused on helping those individuals who have been divorced “receive the tools to overcoming trials unique to them, while building lasting friendships!”

I shared my own journey of discovering how to receive the tools needed to tell myself a more beautiful, powerful and wonderful story. The journey, which continues to this day, has helped me develop my personal mantra:

The Story I Most Consistently Tell Myself Will Be The Story To Most Consistently Come True In My Life. I Will Create A Beautiful, Powerful, And Wonderful Story.

And that’s a story I believe everyone can connect with. Hit me up if you would like to hear it yourself.

Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share!


p.s. Take 13 minutes today to remember the tragic sacrifice of 11 men of Lava Hot Springs.

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