Monday Morning Boost: Come As You Are

Monday Morning Boost: Come As You Are

Sometimes we just have to show up just as we are.

Out of place.
Not knowing what we are doing.

Such an example shared with me this past week inspired this little thought.

By Les Patterson

Come as you are
The world awaits the gifts
Only you can offer.

Come as you are
Your courage abounds
Though hidden to you it may feel.

Come as you are
You are cherished beyond measure
Loved more than you know.

Come as you are
The world needs you just as you are
Beautifully perfectly imperfect.

Come as you are
Step up and discover
The very best version of you.

What does showing up mean for you? How do you show up when you don’t feel ready? How do you offer the gift of yourself to the world around you?

You belong.

And remember…

The Story You Most Consistently Tell Yourself Will Be The Story to Most Consistently Come True In Your Life.

Create A Beautiful, Powerful, Wonderful Story.

Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share.


p.s. Take 13 minutes today to show up just like you are.

Photo By Amer Mughawish on Unsplash

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