Monday Morning Boost: “Let’s Start An Airline!”

Monday Morning Boost: “Let’s Start An Airline!”

I’m a passionate believer in pursuing business dreams. I’m passionate about creating stories of success.

I’m also passionate about strategically analyzing opportunities, risk factors, market conditions, demand for services, competition, capital requirements, available financial resources, growth strategies, legalities, etc.

Do we need to understand all of these things before pursuing a business opportunity?

Most certainly not.

Just think of the many stories of businesses that got started on a napkin at a restaurant.

Legend has it Southwest Airlines was started with a triangle drawn on a napkin by a pilot named Rollin King and shown to a lawyer named Herb Kelleher. They labeled the apex of that triangle Dallas, the bottom left San Antonio, and the bottom right Houston.

“There — that’s the business plan. Fly between these cities several times a day, every day.”

“Herb, let’s start an airline.”

“Rollin, you’re crazy. Let’s do it!”

With such a legendary start, what could go wrong?

Well, a lot.

But that’s not the point.

The point is how to prevent things from going wrong between drawing up the vision on a napkin and the reality of launching.


We’re talking life here, not just business.

We all have dreams. We all have hopes. We all have those things we want to build and create.

Dreams are good.

So how do we turn those dreams into actions that become reality???

Here’s my Power of Three suggestion:

  1. Create a vision
  2. Take strategic action
  3. Hustle

Dreams are powerful motivators. We dream it, draw it up, create a vision board or write down our goals. We can see our dream and it’s magnificent!

Then we start hustling. We work our butts off, chasing opportunities, talking to others, sharing our ideas, creating and building.

But then nothing happens.

Actually, that’s not true. A lot of stuff happens; after all, we are working really, really hard. So why does it feel like our dreams keep slipping further away instead of coming closer?

Go back and take a look at the Power of Three suggestions, then read again all we have been doing.

Do you see anything that may be missing???

No. Read again. You’ll find it.

There it is.

Yep. We forgot to take Strategic Action!

I knew you would see it!


Strategic action is often the missing ingredient in turning dreams into reality.

If this is true, then we must understand the difference between “strategic action” and “hustle.”

Strategic action is an intentional plan guiding intentional actions steps. Both elements need to be in place. The plan and the action.

We may be good on the action, as we just explored, but we lack the guidance for our hustle. Other times, we may have a great plan but are poor on executing the action steps.

We really need both. And we really need each of the Power of Three — Vision, Strategic Action, and Hustle — to turn powerful dreams into reality.

Now here’s the magic…

When you truly work a Power of Three strategy… meaning you are working all three elements in conjunction, though not necessarily at the same time… each element becomes exponentially more powerful than when being worked solely on its own.

Now what strategic action will you start taking???

Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share.


p.s. Take 13 minutes today to focus on taking strategic action on your dreams.

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