Monday Morning Boost: My Blessed Canyon Home

Monday Morning Boost: My Blessed Canyon Home

“My Blessed Canyon Home Waits Long
For My Return, For Long Now Have I Been Away”

These soulful words of composer Jay Richards, written about his “Blessed Canyon Home” of Cache Valley, echo deep within my wanting soul earlier this summer at a live performance of this beautiful composition.

The occasion was at the Utah State University Alumni Band’s Patriotic Celebration where Jay led the Cache Children’s Choir performing his original piece.

Cache Valley has been our home since 1991 when we moved here to continue our schooling at Utah State University. We immediately fell in love with everything about Cache Valley and knew we had found our home for the future. We’re grateful employment opportunities afforded the blessing of staying here.

Just as I love Cache Valley and I’m honored to call her home, I hope you also passionately love the place you choose to call home. Be it a temporary home such as a stopping place for school, or a place you plan to live out your days, choose to love it and embrace it.

I invite you to enjoy the music of Jay Richards and this inspiring performance of “Blessed Canyon Home” performed by the Clark County (Nevada) Children’s Choir in 2016.

While you’re listening, enjoy a lingering pursual of these stunning pictures of Cache Valley. The first four are from my friend Robert Scott and the last three and the lead photo are from my friend Gavin Vanderbeek. Both also call beautiful Cache Valley home.

My Blessed Canyon Home Waits Long
For My Return, For Long Now Have I Been Away

Until My Eyes Behold My Blessed
Canyon Home, My Heart Will Never Rest

For There Is Waiting The End Of
Journeying, The Long Lonely Road I’ve Known

A Heart Is Weary And Longs For
My Return To My Blessed Canyon Home.

In Restless Youth I Long To See The
World Beyond, I Heard The Fair Horizon Call

Then Left I Far Behind My Blessed
Canyon Home, To Seek My Fortune There

I Wandered Mountainsides Green
And Blossoming, But Never Did I Behold 

A Valley Lovely Or Half As Fair
To See As My Blessed Canyon Home.

Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share!


p.s. Take 13 minutes today to enjoy your “blessed home” wherever it is at.

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