Perpetual Faith

Perpetual Faith

Spirituality for me focuses intentionally focusing on faith which gives purpose to my actions.

I intentionally prioritize time each week to sup in the pews of organized faith, joining with others who are also pressing forward.

I intentionally seek guidance from God through prayer and scriptures to help me better understand this journey of life.

I intentionally seek to aid others on their perpetual journey with faith.

By Les Patterson

He is the beginning
The start of our why
Who perpetually sets in motion
Leaving us with no alibi.

But to go and do as He says
Learning now to choose the right
We follow Him with courage
To ensure a future most bright.

As we step forward in faith
Walking His path in strength
To the Iron Rod we must hold
As we journey the full length.

Then others too will walk with us
Stronger in faith we each become
Together we journey this life
Till with Him we are truly one.

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