Monday Morning Boost: Intentionally Embracing Greatness

Monday Morning Boost: Intentionally Embracing Greatness

I have been exploring the idea of greatness over the last few days. I reached out through Facebook and ask three questions connected to greatness.

  • What is something you have accomplished or achieved in life you would say is great?
  • What makes you great?
  • Who helps you feel great?

Let’s take a look at each…


Sometimes we downplay our own greatness. Be it personally or professionally, it’s important we intentionally choose to recognize we are capable of accomplishing great things.

What one thing you would shout out about yourself today? Go ahead my friends, step into your confidence and toot your horn!

One Of My Great Accomplishments

I have “known” for years, and have been told for years, business consultants, mentors, and coaches could not make it in Cache Valley. I’ve seen many try who are no longer here or no longer doing it here.

Three years ago I launched Red Edge Mentoring. I have had to tweak it, change it, refocus, and clarify. I had days I did not think Red Edge would make it, and days when I did not believe I could make it.

Now here we are, three years in and Red Edge Mentoring is growing with 90% plus of our business coming out of Cache Valley.

I am grateful for this Power Of Three blessing:

  • The perspective it has given me of myself
  • The opportunity to discover how I can best serve others
  • The financial blessings that are continuing to grow


When it comes to greatness, our accomplishments are not really the defining factor. Rather, it is that which lies within that makes us great.

Simply put, we are great because we are alive. We need nothing more than that. Yet, we really do need something more. We need to recognize the many parts of who we are that are remarkably great!

I was reminded of my own greatness Saturday morning. I was doing laundry when I was prompted to take this selfie. My collar was turned up and my tie was crooked. I was rushing, trying to get out the door headed to a family funeral.

Image may contain: Les Patterson, closeup

As I looked at my own picture, I reflected on a decision I made several years ago to intentionally choose to see myself as handsome and confident.

This may seem like a vain outlook at myself. But, really it’s something deeper. It’s an internal level of confidence rooted in self-worth, rooted in faith in self, rooted in knowing my eternal nature.

Here’s the irony.

Acceptance of greatness in my physical self created greater acceptance of my inner self. Of my spirit, of my soul.

That one decision, which took a lifetime to reach and will take a lifetime to fully implement, has been crucial in my self-worth development.

That one decision has also helped me better understand my own heritage of greatness that comes from my parents and the many generations before me. It also helps me understand my own heritage from God and the greatness He instilled inside me.

I challenge you to take your own selfie, and maybe even share it, and reflect on one thing that makes you great.


Now let us explore those who help us feel great.

We are influenced by many throughout our lives, many who actually make us feel great.

Who is the one person that comes first to your mind right now? Whoever that first person you thought of that is the person who makes you felt great at the moment.

For me, that person is Andrew Daines.

Andrew took friendship, immersed it in an ocean of love, quietly sorted out the naturally occurring hiccups and obstacles, generously sprinkled in kindness, loyalty, and gifted understanding, then actively nurtured it with copious amounts of generous time for the last 19 years.

By crafting a masterpiece of kindness and love, he has helped me become a person of greatness!

I invite you to identify that one person today who helps you feel great and reach out today to tell them how they make you feel great.


Intentionally choosing to embrace greatness will be one of the most empowering gifts you can give yourself. It will also be one of the most empowering gifts you can give to those you love and lead.

Here’s a Power of Three Strategy you can use to help you be more intentional, starting today, at embracing your greatness.

  • Be Aware – Identify at least one of the areas of greatness above
  • Be Intentional – With purpose act upon that area of greatness you identified
  • Be Grateful – Write down what you are grateful for connected to your greatness

Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share!


p.s. Take 13 minutes today to intentionally focus on the Power of Three to better embrace greatness.

Lead Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

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