Monday Morning Boost: Are You Enough???

Monday Morning Boost: Are You Enough???

Have you ever wondered if you are enough?

I have asked myself this question many times over the years. At one point I didn’t know the answers, and while the journey of my discovery will be lifelong, I’m grateful for the answers I’ve found so far.

I pose these questions to you:

Who are you?
Are you enough?
Do you belong here?

And most importantly…

How Do You Know You Are Good Enough?

While your answers may be as complicated as nuclear fission or as simple as vanilla ice cream (my most fave!), I invite you to focus your answer on one concise statement.

Example: I am good enough because I ___________.

I opened this thought up for a discussion inside my Facebook group, Red Edge Mentoring: The Mastermind.

I was intrigued by the in-depth level of thought the question prompted.

Ben Gochberg started it off by simply stating, “I am good enough because there is no such thing.”

He goes on to clarify:

“There is no such thing as ‘good enough’ AND there is no such thing as needing to be ‘good enough.’ It’s a snapshot which shouldn’t exist in the first place anyway. It’s an idiom used to describe a temporary emotional state… and I believe we should highlight that it is temporary, for a variety of reasons.”

Jamie Carrier finds she is enough because of her Heavenly heritage.

“I haven’t always believed or know that I am enough and for me, like you, this will be a lifelong journey. I have began to understand over the years that because I am a daughter of Heavenly Parents that love me enough to never give up on me, I have comfort knowing that even in my weaknesses, I am enough because I am theirs.”

Steven Amott recognizes his own self worth is “not dependent on what others think.”

“I am who I am today but I will not be the same person tomorrow or next week simply because of personal growth. I am enough because my self worth is not dependent on what others think. I belong here because I am who I am and someone needs that influence, I may not know who that is but invariably someone comes away better because of something that I have said or done.”

I appreciate Michelle Matthews’ honest candor:

“That is a hard one as I constantly struggle with thinking that I am NOT good enough. I will have to think on this one.”

Please do think on it Michelle! While the pressures and stresses of life give us plenty of reason to doubt ourselves, there are many more reasons surrounding us abundantly which point to our greatness!


Last week my good friend Aaron Kelson shared this promting thought.

“There is no one else because we are exactly where we are meant to be. There isn’t supposed to be anyone else. It isn’t an accident that we are planted where we are.”

Aaron is 100% right!

There is no one else as uniquely qualified as we are for this given moment and for the unique role we have in life. Part of the greatness of life is our ability to grow into the demand and opportunities life grants us. Read on as Aaron continues to teach us.

“I know what happens to seedlings that grow little by little. I know the difference one drop of water at a time can make. So far, living water, meaning invitations and opportunities to grow, continue to come. That must mean something. It must mean that Someone sees potential I don’t yet understand. So, I’ll accept those opportunities and grow here in the shade of giants, determined to do my best though I feel small.”

We are seedlings!

No matter our stage of life, we are just like a seed when planted and nourished we will grow into our full greatness! While there is still great growth to come, and while there may be legitimate areas we each know we fall short in, let us intentionally choose to step into our confidence and own the greatness within us today!

No matter how anxious you may feel, no matter how much of an imposter you think you are, no matter how much you think others deserve someone better…

I promise you my friend, in the echoed words of Aaron:

“We are exactly where we are meant to be. There isn’t supposed to be anyone else. It isn’t an accident that we are planted where we are.”

I leave you with this little gem inspired by our discussion.

By Les Patterson

Who Am I
To speak the word
Travel the journey
Share the hope?

Who Am I
To lift the needy
Teach my children
Succor the weary?

Who Am I
To share my thoughts
Think I have value
Stand as a guide?

Who Am I
To be the one
Telling a story
Seeing a vision?

Who Am I
To believe that I
Together with you
Shall make an impact?

Who Am I?
To deny divinity
That lives inside
Shoring me up

Who Am I
To do not my best
The difference when I know
Such an effort I can make?

Who Am I
To not rise up to
The occasion now
Sallied forth before me?

Who Am I
To ask not anymore
The answer is clear
Shall I forever be strong

Who Am I?
To be me
That is enough
Such is my truth

Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share!


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Photo by Amer Mughawish on Unsplash


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