Monday Morning Boost: The Uniqueness Of Leaves, And You and I!

Monday Morning Boost: The Uniqueness Of Leaves, And You and I!

Analyze, if you would please, the leaf diagram pictured.

What do you notice?

Perhaps you are wondering, as I did, what tree each leaf comes from.

Trees are generally classified (is the right scientific terms?) as either deciduous or coniferous. Or in the very rare case “deciduous conifers” that take “characteristics of both” (thanks Vanessa Richins Myers for the education!).

The key thing I noticed is each leaf is uniquely different. Each leaf from each and every tree has unique characteristics. Different sizes, specific shapes, and their veins have distinct patterns. From my in-depth research (thanks Google!) I learned the arrangement of veins in a leaf is called the “venation pattern” and that monocot leaves have parallel venation, while dicots have reticulate venation.” Fascinating!

People are a lot like leaves. We are each uniquely different, come in different size, shapes, and colors, and we have very distinct patterns… just check out my wrinkled forehead! And, again, just like the millions of beautiful leaves, we each other a unique gift to the world.

It’s true. We are each a unique gift.

Power of Three questions for pondering…

  • Do you choose to believe you are a unique gift?
  • How do you see your uniqueness blessing others?
  • What will you do increase the gifts you are creating?

As you ponder, enjoy this new poem, one of my gifts I share hoping it blesses you.

By Les Patterson

In my wrinkles
I bring an aged beauty
A gift of honored acceptance

In my weaknesses
I bring a gift of compassion
From one who truly understands

In my confidence
I bring a degree of hope
A gift for myself and others

In my uniqueness
I bring perspective
A gift we each can offer

In my life
I bring the gift of love
That such might be felt by all

Let’s go do as my friend Phil Gerbyshak inspires many to do and embrace our uniqueness, even if it is a little weird!

Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share!


p.s. Take 13 minutes today to intentionally chase your dreams!

Leaf image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay


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