Our weaknesses can easily overwhelm us and give us plentiful excuses to not step up to the plate.


We can choose to find a way to soar.

Ty Bennett, a mentor and friend, inspired this little gem (link to his Monday Morning Mantra in the comments).

I hope you enjoy!

By Les Patterson

That which I find weak
Stops me from soaring
When I fail to see greatness
Inside me is growing

When I shift my perspective
Opening not only my eyes
But also my soul and heart
I now have the option to rise

Stepping into confidence
Is a choice I can choose
While sitting on the sidelines
Leaves me so much to lose

From my weakness
Strength I will gain
Others will follow suit
Seeing I made it through the rain

Such is our quest
Mine and also yours
Stepping forward in strength
Weakness will help us soar

Soaring Eagle Photo by Ondřej Šponiar from Pixabay 

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