Sunday Reflections: The Sunshine of a Mother’s Love

Sunday Reflections: The Sunshine of a Mother’s Love

Elisa and I have both been blessed with mothers who filled our souls with sunshine. Through their abundant love, their forever quest to nurture their children has blessed us, our siblings, their grandchildren, and many others.

That blessing extends to you today as we share their love of music.

My mother, Carolyn Christiansen Patterson, enjoyed singing and was blessed with the soft beautiful voice of an angel. She and her sisters enjoyed singing together and we’re often compared to the Andrews Sisters. One of their favorite songs to sing was “You Are My Sunshine.” At mom’s funeral, we sang the beautiful hymn “There Is Sunshine In My Soul Today.” That is the first gift of music we share with you today.

Elisa’s mother, Julia Magleby Peterson Mohr, loved listening to music. One of the ways she and I connected was through our deep patriotic love for our country. Mom was a very active Scouter for much of her life. At her funeral, several sons and grandsons joined together wearing a mixture of military and scouting uniforms to form an honor guard to present the Flag as our National Anthem The Star-Spangled Banner fervently played. Elisa and her siblings took active care of mom in her final days. During this time she very much enjoyed listening to music that touched her heart. One of her most requested was “Be Still, My Soul,” especially the David Archuleta version when he sings to the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square.

A mother’s love is a forever love, one that will forever succor no matter our journey through life. Such is the love we felt from our mothers. Such is the loved our kids and I have felt from Elisa. Such is the love we hope you each are blessed to feel as well.

By Les Patterson

Oh to be a mother
Of children I choose to love
Be they littles of my own
Or those who feel
As if they were

I give all of that
Which I have to give
Though I greatly wonder
If it will ever be enough
To make a difference

A mother’s journey
Is the one most joyful
Yet also the most taxing
Ever to be undertaken
By my weary soul

To my knees
I frequently sink
In humble prayer
Pleading my meager
Efforts will be enough

With the light
Of my Heavenly Lord
I rise in His confidence
Knowing my strength
He will forever succor

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