Sunday Reflections – The Man From Snowy River

Sunday Reflections – The Man From Snowy River

Elisa chose today’s song as a gift for my 54th birthday.

The Man From Snowy River has been my all-time favorite movie ever since I first saw it in 1982 while in high school. The cinematic portrayal of the vast Australian Snowy River Range is some of the most beautiful scenery is all cinematography. The beautiful horses roaming across the countryside are a sight to behold. The movie features one of the most dramatic horse riding scenes ever captured on film.

The award-winning music is some of the most recognized as well. I was hooked with the very first four notes as well you might be if this is your first time hearing this as Elisa plays “Jessica’s Theme.”

The story follows young Jim Craig on his quest to become a man. It’s a hard journey the mountain boy travels, one of missteps, dreams, and aspirations. Along the way, there’s the colt, the stallion, and the girl… Jessica.

If you haven’t yet experience the movie, put it on your list. It is an experience not to be missed. May my gift from Elisa be our gift to you.

We love you friends!


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