Sunday Reflections: Can’t Get Too Much Of A Good Thing!

Sunday Reflections: Can’t Get Too Much Of A Good Thing!

Journey with us back to the summer of 1988. On July 4th that year Elisa and I had our very first date. She asked me out after waiting several months for me to get the hint that she was interested.

Our first date was a barbeque in “The Forest,” the wooded backyard of the McKinlay’s who lived next door to Elisa. We skipped out on the fireworks opting to watch the Sylvester Stalone arm wrestling movie, “Over the Top.”

Something happened on that first date and this kid fell in love! I know it without a doubt but knew Elisa would freak out if I was to say anything. Imagine my surprise a few days later when on our second date at the Manti “Mormon Miracle” Pageant, we decided to get married. And Elisa already had a date picked out!

Over the next few weeks we started making plans for the future. We talked about school and where to live, money and faith. We also went ring shopping. While we waited for rings to be sized and shipped to us, Elisa got this kinda crazy idea.

And it was MORE than just a little crazy!!!

Watch the video to enjoy something kinda crazy!

Have a beautiful Sunday! We love you!

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