Monday Morning Boost: See Past The Masks

Monday Morning Boost: See Past The Masks

I see past your mask.

Not the face masks you may or not be wearing thanks to COVID19.

I’m talking about the masks we wear throughout life, those that hide what we are really feeling. You know, the masks you wear that create the automated responses of “fine” when someone asks how you’re doing. The masks that hide your happiness and our sadness, that cover up your joy and heartache. Past your insecurities and your successes. Past your heartaches and triumphs. Past the masks of your social media profile.

Those masks.

I promise you my friends, I see past your masks.

And others see past them, too.

And that is good.

Last week I had the chance to share with a friend how I saw them. As you read, insert your name and see if something connects with you.


You have always been one who sees others. You feel their dreams and shattered tears. You see and feel that which others cannot. You stand in confidence for those who lack, extending love and faith that shines brightly. As one who is lifted by your strength, empowered by your friendship, and sustained by your love, I give back to you a small gift of words. Love you my friend and all you represent.

I SEE YOU ________
By Les Patterson

I see you ________
I feel your loss
That which you grieve
That which feels tossed

I see your hard
I feel your struggle
That which is tough
That which you juggle

I see your hope
I feel your action
That which is doable
That which seems impossible

I see when you go
I feel when you try
That which you give up on
That which makes you cry

I see your glory
I feel your pain
That which is real
That which helps sustain

I see you ________
I feel your hope
That which supports
That which helps you cope

Let’s unmask and see each other and be seen.

Listen. Love. Care.

Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share!


p.s. Take 13 minutes today to unmask and be seen, and to see others.

Photo by Couleur from Pixabay 


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