Sunday Reflections – Our Savior’s Love

Sunday Reflections – Our Savior’s Love

“Our Savior’s love shines like the sun with perfect light.”

What does this perfect light of our Savior’s Love feel like?

Elisa compared it to the feeling one gets when sitting outside on a hot summer day — or maybe even a warm fall afternoon — when the rays of the sun seem to warm and completely fill your entire body.

You know the feeling…

Perhaps you also feel the Savior’s love this way.

Or maybe you feel His love because you simply choose to believe, a simple faith that allows you to keep getting up and keep moving forward. Maybe you feel because you cling to a sliver of hope that no matter how dark the night may be the light will always show up.

For me, sometimes the Savior’s love shows up like that warm afternoon sunshine, a gift freely given with no effort required. Other times, I feel his love when I actively and intentionally seek for it. Both are beautiful and give me that which I need to keep moving forward.

By Les Patterson

When walking the journey of life
When feeling turmoil and strife
When calm is a sought for gift
When you need a gentle lift
When longing for a little quiesce
Seek for the love of peace

As you enjoy Elisa playing this beautiful rendition of “Our Savior’s Love” arranged by Jason Tonioli, we hope you feel His love.

If today, even at this very moment, you have that need or feel that desire to experience the beautiful peace which can only come from He who is the Prince of Peace, may this beautiful music along with our faith and love help such to be granted.

Have A Beautiful Sunday!

We Love You!


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