Monday Morning Boost: Charting Your Course

Monday Morning Boost: Charting Your Course

Navigating to a new place before the days of GPS required a map, a general sense of cardinal directions, and a basic understanding of what one may encounter along the route. With these tools navigating from city to city or even across state lines is a fairly simple process.

Except when it isn’t.

Despite having great tools, sometimes I would still get lost! It’s so easy to miss a street sign, take a wrong turn, or simply be distracted.

Sometimes I had to ask for directions, talk to one familiar with the area who could point me in the right direction, help me better navigate the unknowns.

Then I needed to act in confidence. Take the information received, process it, make a decision, and move forward.


Such is the journey we walk through life.

We need the right tools, the skills needed to use them, and the competence and confidence to actually put them to work.

Sometimes we need to ask for directions, talk to one familiar with the area who can point us in the right direction, help us better navigate the unknowns.

Then we need to act in confidence. Take the information received, process it, make a decision, and move forward.

That’s how we chart a course, to a new city, through unknown territory, and through life.

By Les Patterson

No matter winds that strongly blow
Impacting my charted course
The flight of life is solely mine
Regardless of the outside force

To keep me on my plotted path
Internal controls I adjust
Slight correction keeps me focused
The course to follow I will trust

Destination I keep in sight
The skies to soar with aided lift
I’m the pilot yet God I trust
His direction a needed gift

At the helm I will stay the course
To weather the storm come what may
Through the calm and the torrent seas 
I will sail on day after day

Step confidently into your GREATNESS my friends and CHART YOUR COURSE!

Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share!


p.s. Take 13 minutes today to ponder where your charted course is leading you. 

Photo by DarkmoonArt_de from Pixabay 

Check out last week’s Red Edge Live conversation with Jerica Church where we explore the love/hate relationships we have with our bodies.


#REDEDGELIVE WITH JERICA CHURCH – BEACON OF LIGHT!Do you like what you see when you look in the mirror… Or do you cringe at the sight? Why does it always seem to be a love/hate relationship we have with our bodies?This is a journey true for both women and men. I have had to walk this journey, and so has my friend Jerica Church.For most of her life, Jerica struggled with her body image starting at the young age of 11. She noticed her love handles and thunder thighs. “I always felt so embarrassed by them and ashamed to wear a swimming suit,” she shared with me. She became so frustrated comparing herself to that “ideal body image” prevalent on social media even though she weighed only 115 pounds throughout her entire teenage years.Two months after getting married she became pregnant with her daughter and gained over 100 pounds. “I have never hated my body as much as I did after having her.” On top of her physical weight gain, postpartum depression created a heavyweight burden on the inside. “I resented it and that led to neglect. I had no respect. My body performed two small miracles, and I still had zero respect for my body.”Then came the spark. Jerica realized she had two options: Continue living in hate and shame for the rest of her life or change her story and start loving herself.And the spark continues today!POWER OF THREE• What beauty do you see in your physical body?• What will be your spark to love yourself completely?• How may your body image attitude be affecting your children?Jerica Church is the owner of Beacon of Light, LLC. Her passion is to help other women “Find, Love, and Embrace themselves.” Her primary focus is to help moms find confidence and self-worth through doula work, speaking, and coaching. She spends her time with her husband Tallin and their two kiddos, Elena and Kayden. They enjoy dancing across the world as they travel and spend time together in their cozy home in Spring Creek, Nevada.

Posted by Les Patterson on Thursday, October 15, 2020


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