Monday Morning Boost: Declutter The Old, Create The New!

Monday Morning Boost: Declutter The Old, Create The New!

As the old adage goes…

“Out with the old, in with the new!”

But what is “the old”?

Old is anything that clutters up or confuses our direction in life. This could literally be the old stuff you no longer use, that pile in the closet you dread going through, that stack of papers on the desk you need to file, or the gazillion of boxes of junk filling up the garage.

Or it could be old thinking, old ideas, and old limitations that may be holding you back. It could be past mistakes, grudges, or old memories that are no longer healthy to hold on to.

If we want to change the physical, mental, or emotional clutter in our lives, my friend Ashley Stuart of Rethink Clutter says we must find something better, new, or simply even different to replace it with. (Be sure to check out her one day course on January 16th, Organize Your Thoughts: 5 Steps To Turning Good Ideas Into Successful Action!


We all have our “old story.”




Our old story exists because we choose (or perhaps impacted by circumstances outside of our control) a continuous cycle where the old story played out in full-spectrum color inside our brain.

Played without pausing. Uninterrupted reinforcement of all that was wrong with us. Played for years, screaming at us with ear-shattering clarity!

It’s hard to ignore such a blatant attack. Hear something enough it becomes true.


Our new story speaks in a softer tone with a more gentle voice. Almost a whisper.

Our new story speaks only the truth.

We must listen intently. We must also speak intently.

We empower ourselves, and thus influencing others, with the thoughts we think, the words we speak, the language we use.

Think better thoughts,
You’ll speak better words,
And create a better language.

You will then start creating a repeatable pattern of better thoughts, words, and language.

That’s when the miracles will start to show up.

You will find it easier to hear the better story, speak a better story, and live a better story.

Time for the old clutter to be gone!
A new life is yours for the creating!


  • Could you use help focusing your thoughts, words, and language to create better patterns in your life?
  • Would intentionally surrounding yourself with others who are creating their better story help you create yours?
  • Would a guided conversation through the year help accelerate the growth you are already planning on?

That’s what we do inside the Red Edge Mastermind groups.

We empower you to focus your thoughts, own your words, make better promises, reach your goals.

In short, we have one core focus… Empower You To Create A Story of Greatness.

When you create a story of greatness, everything else will naturally follow suit.

Come see what we do at a free online Mini-Mastermind group this Friday, 11-11:30am Mountain Time.
Meeting ID: 867 5686 4477
Passcode: 764051

See you there!

Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share.

Les Patterson

p.s. Take 13 minutes today to intentionally declutter one negative thought.


Empowering You To Be More Intentional In The Story You Create to Lead Yourself And The Strategy You Create to Guide Your Company And Serve Your Customers And Clients.

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