Monday Morning Boost: Creating A Story of GREATNESS!

Monday Morning Boost: Creating A Story of GREATNESS!

It really is amazing what we can accomplish when we intentionally and consistently create a better story.

It starts with knowing why you want to create a new story.

This is more than just what you may want to change. It’s WHY you want to change which is focused on the results you will create, for yourself and others.

For instance, if part of creating your new story includes losing weight, you will be more successful if you focus on your result of losing weight, such as being able to enjoy hiking with your grandkids rather than staying home alone.

The journey will not be easy.

The race of life is won
Not by the strong, nor swift
But by one who gets up
Every time after falling down
~ Les Patterson

In fact, every obstacle and challenge you can think of, plus a million more, will show up to throw you off course, discourage your efforts, defeat you before you get started. The challenges of creating a new story can make going back to the old story seem a better option.

Yet, despite all the challenges, you will continue to create your story.

That is what you do.

When you fall down, you get back up. When you stumble again, you get back up again. You know why you are choosing to create a better, you know the results you will create, so you will get back up.

And, yes, you will get back up and keep on creating your story.

Every time, no matter what.

You choose to win at life by getting back up when you don’t want to.

This is now your better story.
This is now your better life.
This is now the better you.

You are creating your new story of GREATNESS!

By Les Patterson

I will not sit around and wait
Nor leave my life up to fate

I will love each day of life
Even when filled with strife

Loving that which gives me hope
Is much better than trying to cope

Greatness starts with my story
The one I create in humble glory

*Thanks to my friend Julie Cluff for her inspiring words and those she shared of Alex Cravens.

Have fun creating your new story today!

Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share.

Les Patterson

p.s. Take 13 minutes today to intentionally focus on creating your new story of GREATNESS!

Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash

The day after the 9/11 attacks, September 12th, became a day of unity. Political differences were set aside, the American Flag flew on streets and homes across our country. We felt united as a country. Last week, January 7th was also a day after a really tough day in our country. May it also become a day when we started to more united. I love our country, the United States of America. And I love you. Join me as I share a few thoughts.

The Story You Most Consistently Create Will be The Story To Most Consistently Come True In Your Life. Promise To Intentionally Create A Beautiful, Powerful, Wonderful Story Of Love And Greatness!



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