Monday Morning Boost: I Was Once Not a Natural

Monday Morning Boost: I Was Once Not a Natural

Sharing our voice, writing, speaking, or singing, may not be a natural thing for you.

It’s not for me either.

At one point, walking, talking and eating weren’t natural either.

But I learned just like you did.

By doing.

We can learn and develop anything we want to. Even the most difficult tasks or skills can be learned and developed.

When we focus our efforts, clarify our message, and share our story we can create a lasting impact.

I can’t dance, but I’ll dance in the parking lot with my daughter. I can’t sing, but I’ll sing in the shower, and even lead the music for a church congregation.

At one point, I couldn’t write and now I write every day. Blogs, essays, stories, poetry. I’m even writing my first book. I’m bold enough to call myself a writer and a storyteller.

At one point, I couldn’t speak publicly and now I speak, mentor, and train for a living. I can speak one-to-one or on a stage for a large group. I can even speak virtually to many. I’m bold enough to call myself a speaker.

No, I am not a natural and you may not be either.

That’s alright.

Let’s do it anyway!

I once didn’t know how to write poetry. Though I’m not sure if I can call myself a poet yet, I am learning and enjoying.

I leave you this poem I wrote for this unnatural occasion.


By Les Patterson

We once were not a natural at walking
Nor eating, drinking, or talking
Yet each day we do those things
Sometimes we may even sing.

The gift of life allows us to grow
Majestic rising from the seeds we sow
Life is rich each day through
If we but rise and get up and do.

Live each day with this profound thought
Life is much more than what is bought
And learning is more than just an art
All we have to do is follow our heart.


Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share.


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