Monday Morning Boost: Changing The Ugly Truth

Monday Morning Boost: Changing The Ugly Truth

Hey my friends, I missed sharing a Monday Morning Boost with you last week. It was the first time in ten years (as of Feb 21st) I have not shared my weekly thoughts. Thank you to those who asked where it was and for expressing your support and making sure I was alright. Here is the story of what happened.  


An old “ugly truth” I believed for a long time came roaring back with vengeance while on a beautiful trip to Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota, Florida. I was there the last week of January with my love Elisa celebrating our 32nd anniversary coming up on February 17.

Everything on the trip was going extremely well. We were enjoying basking in the warm sun. We enjoyed the sunsets, walks on the beach, and collecting seashells. We also enjoyed a little time with friends and reconnecting with a place where I served as a missionary in 1986.

We relaxed. We laughed. We enjoyed.

Then smack dab in the middle of the trip, this “ugly truth” raises its giant head, completely convinces me, despite all my efforts, I’m only ruining all that’s good in our marriage and in our love.

For two days I retreated to the distal safety of silence, speaking only when absolutely needed. I would hear her words of love and encouragement while only offering token acknowledgment of the same in return. I listened to the ugly truths diligently. I hearkened to the comforting voices of doubt. I took solace in the familiar feelings of self-defeat. 

In years past, ugly truth cycles like this would often last for days, weeks, and even months. But for quite some time now it’s rare they last more than a small portion of one day. More so, it’s rare the ugly truth even shows up. It was extremely difficult when it lingered this time, pounding me for two days feeling like the hurricanes the Gulf Coast knows so well. 

Finally, I realized it was time for the storm to pass. It was time to remember and keep the promises I had made to myself, chiefly three key promises.

  • I will create a new story of greatness.
  • I get up when I fall. Every time. No matter what.
  • I don’t do that anymore. I stay present and engaged.

These three promises are my constant go-to’s for keeping life on track, my mental health in check, and my efforts focused on my personal Power of Three of “What Matters Most, What Is In My Control & Influence, and What I Most Enjoy & Love.”

Remembering and intentionally focusing on keeping these promises allowed me to better receive the love and encouragement of Elisa, allowed me to shift my thinking, and allowed me to shed the false ugly truths and focus on real eternal truths. 

Confidence returned. Love for self returned. Joy fostering happiness returned. Connection with Elisa returned.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t out of the woods just yet. The ugly truth continued to pester my thoughts and confidence, weighing heavy on my emotions and spirit. But I kept going. And Elisa kept going as well. Her continual love and patience have been a sustaining force.

When it comes to dealing with ugly truths, we all have to keep going. Those of us struggling because we believe the ugly truths, and those who love and support us.


No matter how convincing your ugly truth is, you know deep down inside it’s not the real truth. Try these steps which have worked for me and many others.

  • Make your own promise to create a better story.
  • Make your own promise to get back up. Every time. No matter what.
  • Make your own promise to not do that anymore and to stay present and engaged.

I can do it!

And you can too!


Our flight out of Sarasota was delayed by hours thanks to the early impact of the nor’easter hitting the east coast. It was early Monday morning last week by the time we got home.

Elisa was a trooper and was up and at work by 6am. I got up with her and fully intended to finish writing the thoughts you have just read, which I had actually started while we were still in Florida.

But my intentions were not enough.

The ugly truth made a third visit, messing with my brain, challenging my story of greatness, taking away my desire to follow my promises. I fiddled with my words off and on through the day before finally giving up.

At first, it was a full give up. But partway through the day, it transitioned to more of a strategic give up.

I decided to give myself some grace. I focused on mentally regrouping with some focused rejuvenation. I relaxed. I remembered who I was. I remembered life was still really good.

And I moved forward.

There’s the answer for why no Monday Morning Boost last week.


Elisa and I share a bit of our journey in this special Red Edge Live episode we recorded while we were in Siesta Key Beach. We share three key reasons why rejuvenation is important for you. Click the image below to watch.

We also share a foundational story of my time as a missionary in the Florida Tampa Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and share some thoughts on the importance of passing on our foundational stories. Click the image below to watch.

Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share.


p.s. Take 13 minutes today to intentionally focus on giving yourself some grace.

We talk about connecting all the time… Connecting to build business, relationships, and opportunities. But what about connecting with yourself? Enjoy this wonderful conversation I had with Lauri Schoenfeld on Red Edge Live where we explore the importance of first connecting with your own body, heart, and mind will help you step more confidently into your own greatness so you can build those critical connections with others. Click the image below to catch the replay of Red Edge Live.

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